today monkey hear clack clack clack and see Man make note on typewriter what have name smith corona skyriter and ask Man why use old machine for write when can use new machine computer.

here what typewriter of Man look like. monkey like noise of machine. clack clack and many word go on paper. there no screen. no printer. typewriter = printer too. no electricity.

here what other typewriter what Man have look like. it now not work and Man need get fix. Man write all college paper with lettera 22 machine. then niece too use machine. lettera = pretty blue.

Man say he like look and feel and sound of typewriter and say typewriter help Man with write. monkey scratch head for show not understand. explain please monkey ask Man. Man say on typewriter there no delete key. there no way for highlight bunch of word and delete. there no way for save draft. there no spell check. no thesaurus. no cursor. typewriter all mechanical and no digital anything. monkey ask why that good thing. Man say typewriter help Man think more before write and that best thing of all.

monkey say maybe everybody go out buy typewriter for write better. Man say it hard for buy manual portable machine like skyriter and lettera 22. maybe no one make typewriter like Man have anymore. but Man say mans and ladies # 1  go here and then # 2 go here  for little bit background good info before run out spend $$$ for buy old typewriter. there many link on 2 site for more typewriter info. Then mans and ladies can find old typewriter on www internet dot com. ebay. there old typewriter for sale other on line place too. and mans and ladies maybe go look in goodwill store and salvation army store and yard sale and estate sale and rummage sale too for typewriter. Man say too there place on line for get ribbon for old typewriter machine.

goodbye today reader. monkey think typewriter click clack sound nice and can use typewriter when power go out too. never worry too  if battery wear out. maybe reader try old machine and write without electricity.