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monkey see about summer reading in news paper and start think about what read in summer. simple brain of monkey think maybe read new book what on best seller list and what pile up on table in big book store barnes and noble. Man say no monkey. can read better stuff than that. and Man too say summer good time for go outside and play and hike and canoe and bike and watch bird and camp in tent and go fossil hunt and go train visit nova scotia and etc and etc. Man say winter best time for read when it cold outside and there time for read inside. monkey think about what Man say and agree. but still monkey want idea for read summer or winter. or fall. spring too. so Man say ok monkey here we go.

Man say lets not make list of 10 please. so here more than 10 book what Man like for list of reading. Man like many book but book on list stand out he say for 1 thing or another thing. there no order in list. Man say reader please try find book in independent book store and support independent book store. if cant then reader go www internet amazon place by click link.

  • riddley walker by russell hoban. big challenge for read language and thought of future in book. Man say it worth effort. 1 time Man write to author mr hoban and ask question about book and author write back in hand writing and explain several thing. monkey think that nice author.
  • the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams = great parody what lot of fun for read + reader find out why it good idea for always have towel handy.
  • great expectations by charles dickens. Man read already all novel of mr dickens but like this 1 novel best. Man say it better from any movie made from it but Man like 1946 david lean movie too. new movie version suck say Man. Man say too bad he can not write letter to  mr dickens. mr dickens = dead.
  • a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole. Man think this book funny and sad and smart for brain of reader and have great hero ignatius reilly what reader never forget.
  • labyrinths by jorge luis borges. Man say this book of story and essay and etc good way for get into borges. it not easy for read say Man but monkey want give it try for make monkey brain grow some bit.
  • book by lynda barry. Man think lynda barry kind of genius and kind of author Man like have cup coffee with and chit chat about writing and painting and cartoon and teaching and etc.  favorite lynda barry book of Man = the fun house and 100 demons and down the street and it so magic. Man too like ernie pook comeek by lynda barry. monkey think Man have crush on lynda barry but Man say no just admire work.
  • how math explains the world by james stein. Man say many student ask him what good math and when will i ever use this math. Man think this book good answer for question student make. and adult too what not know many thing about math.
  • hamlet by william shakespeare. maybe reader read hamlet in high school. that too early for big understanding of hamlet say Man. later in life time for read hamlet again Man say. arden edition have play and many note and big introduction for man and lady who like make study of hamlet. this favorite shakespeare play of Man. also Man say he love the tempest and a midsummer nights dream. by shakespeare. maybe reader want try too.
  • three men in a boat by jerome k jerome = just light reading say Man. it witty and funny and just right to raise spirit say Man.
  • brave new world by aldous huxley. Man think this world pretty soon = combination 1984 world of george orwell and brave new world world. not exact like. but pretty like.
  • siddhartha by hermann hesse = simple story what give deep idea of what it all about and it not hokey pokey. in university Man read book in german but say this good translation. Man read siddhartha every couple year.
  • the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald. this all america story think Man and Man say it have some of 100 % best prose mans and ladies ever write.

goodbye today reader. there many more book Man have for list but monkey think that enough for list today. monkey hope reader try maybe 1 book on list. have fun read during summer june july and august. and other season too. Man say book make reader fly to happy place and maybe find out little bit about meaning of life.