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here link what go to article for more good reason why leave facebook. Man say he 100 % a + enjoy week # 2 with no facebook. Man not miss facebook matrix and use time for other thing in world of here and now. here 1 example. this week Man start read book go down moses by man what have name faulkner. Man say 1 hour with faulkner book better than 100 hour on www internet facebook.

monkey see there many news about her majesty queen what have name elizabeth. mrs elizabeth queen her majesty have jubilee of diamond what mean she get job sit on throne of place what have name great britain 60 year ago and sit fanny on throne 60 year. it not real job like man what work in factory and lady what check out grocery in super market.  monkey scratch head for show not understand why any one have interest in little old lady what do not much useful. Man say her majesty queen and royal family make prolefeed entertainment. when people not have royal family and other prolefeed for keep mind busy then get into mischief. so it good for there be queen and royals and other stoopididity prolefeed.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have other thing do from go on facebook and from watch her majesty queen news on televisionon.