Man like load little m p 3 player with podcast for make go gym not boring.  Man too listen podcast when mow lawn. 1 kind podcast Man like 100 % = old time radio show.  here link for reader check out free old time radio show. there reader find mystery and thriller and drama and funny show etc etc. monkey ask Man if show = big excitement. Man say it not = big excitement but it amusing. and Man say listen show mean have to use imagination in brain for see picture what go on.

monkey ask Man what = favorite show. Man say sherlock holmes and the bickersons and it pays to be ignorant and arch obler plays and jack benny and boston blackie. other show too.  Man say if reader love mystery radio show go see c b s radio mystery theater. many good show there.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you go old radio place and try old show for fun. monkey go now see news and watch Man write other stuff and etc.