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monkey ask Man what childhood of Man like many year ago. Man say very different from today monkey. monkey say explain please. Man say ok monkey. monkey and Man make here list # 1  what have example what childhood of Man like many many year ago. there no order for what Man say. today about how school for little mans and ladies different.

  • many year ago there still halloween parade with kids wear costume and christmas concert and easter vacation. no body make big stink about halloween = work of satan and make stink about use word christmas and easter what come from religion.
  • no gadget in school for teach and learn. unless blackboard and book and paper and crayon and pencil and pen = gadget.
  • teacher strict and make demand and parent not blame teacher for all problem of kid.
  • not so much test in school. littles instead practice and practice and practice math and english and reading and etc in classroom and not waste time for get ready for many test.
  • little mans and ladies learn how go under desk for hide from atom bomb make big fireball and break window.
  • kids go on sidewalk for walk to school from neighborhood. just farm kids come on bus.
  • kids run own store where can buy supply and run own post office for send letter in school. big fun.
  • kids not need know how read and write before go kindergarten. kindergarten fun and kids learn how get along and play with stuff and sing and take nap on rug and drink milk from little bottle and keep eye on frog in terrarium and go school only in morning or afternoon not both. go outside for play recess on monkey bar and etc.
  • older kid maybe wear safety patrol badge and belt and help make order and keep eye on thing in school and outside.
  • get vaccination shot in school for keep polio disease away. get teeth check in school. sick kid stay home and not come to school for make other kid and teacher sick.
  • little mans and ladies not rude with teacher or go principal office and there big trouble when note go home and principal call parent. big trouble.
  • there special class in 1 room for kid who not too smart and have trouble with school.
  • school clothes not have big label and sneaker too not have big label. sneaker = keds and pf flyer and converse. that all. clothes just clothes not fashion or statement or ad. girls wear dress to school.
  • when it rain kids wear yellow rain jacket and hat. when it snow wear buckle up boot.
  • kid have cool pencil box new every year. it cardboard and have little drawer and ruler and place for pen and pencil and crayon. Man have 1 what have space ship and space man on it. cowboy and horse too.

goodbye today reader. Man not say it better when he go school when little boy. just different.  tomorrow monkey write more about different childhood of Man. different from childhood of kid today.