monkey today say welcome all new follower and say thank you 100 % a + for read idea of simple monkey brain. next monkey tell story of Man and Lady and monkey go today for visit house of man what have name george eastman in city rochester in great state new york in #1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave.

first Man and Lady go in car and think oh no. forgot take money. and monkey. drive back to house and get money and monkey and leave again for visit. then drive and drive. many car in parking lot there at house of george eastman have plate with different name like new jersey and connecticut and massachusetts and etc. many mans and ladies come far for see house. and museum.

here picture monkey sit by old big drive in movie projector machine. there also many more camera and projector in museum. and many photo. and nice gift shop. and little place eat. Man and Lady eat gelatto.

here monkey sit on big projector what use for throw film picture through air on giant screen outdoor. mans and ladies drive in car to screen and stay in car and watch movie and eat popcorn. it sound like more fun from watch movie on little screen in hand.

in gallery monkey see many photo but like best photo marilyn monroe eat in drive in place. also like gary winogrand who make photo of women are beautiful and neil winokur who make photo a to z.  there many more photo like this is not a tree and etc etc. monkey like photo more today than before visit museum today. not every body what have camera = artist but monkey think photo in museum = art.

then monkey and Man and Lady go in house what george eastman build. here picture of monkey in house.

here monkey and little monkey sit in plant in house of george eastman. in back reader see head of elephant what george eastman kill in place what have name africa. george eastman go africa 2 time and kill many animal. monkey not like man what go kill animal for fun. monkey like kick george eastman ass but george eastman dead.

here what monkey learn about george eastman. he mamas boy who live with mama many year in big mansion when get rich and never marry lady. he obsess with detail. he kill animal in africa. he invent many thing about camera and film and make easy for mans and ladies and littles for have camera and take many picture. when 77 year old he cut family out of will and give all money to university of rochester and shoot own heart with luger gun. monkey think maybe george eastman little bit wacko but make many great invention and job for many people what work in factory. make job too for 40 mans and ladies who take care of house and george and mama of george.

goodbye today reader. monkey think you maybe like go george eastsman house and museum. very interesting. in rochester.