today monkey bug again Man for get hamster for pet and Man blow up and Man yell and say no with loud voice. and then Man say stop pester or go time out in corner where monkey see some time spider come. later Man calm down and say ok monkey lets talk about pet and give list of all pet that not ok for monkey. here list Man give.

  1. hamster
  2. dog
  3. cat
  4. all bird big and little
  5. all little furry mammal what not hamster like gerbil and etc
  6. all big mammal like horse and cow and etc
  7. in between mammal like ferret and bunny
  8. pig
  9. fish
  10. turtle
  11. lizard

monkey not want snake so Man not need put on list. owl too. monkey say list make it hard for monkey have pet. Man say how about insect in nice bottle but monkey say no thank you.

Man say then tell you what monkey and ask monkey why not want snake and owl. monkey laugh and say that easy. snake and owl eat monkey. Man say yes that easy. now tell why you want hamster. monkey scratch head and say not know just like hamster. that not good enough say Man. monkey say hamster cute. Man say not good enough again. and Man say then when monkey use brain for explain why want dog and cat and hamster and etc then maybe Man listen again. and no phony answer like hamster teach monkey how be responsible and neighbor have nice dog what Man like. that just show that monkey want pull strings of Man. this big puzzle for monkey. monkey not know why want pet. just want pet. this make monkey brain work hard many day in future. Man hard for monkey deal with some time.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you know why you want pet. if want pet.