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today monkey have wonder about thing monkey see and hear. monkey have question and Man too busy for answer. so monkey just ask question.

monkey wonder why great state north carolina say it bad for man marry man and lady marry lady. monkey thought robopath politician say keep government out of private business. but politician act different from what say. maybe politician always say one thing and mean other thing. it too much for poor simple monkey brain.

monkey wonder why some politician want # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave constitution have amendment what make no marriage between mans and no marriage between ladies. monkey scratch head for show not understand how politician say federal government too big and strong and keep federal government out of life and make federal government small. and then say it ok for federal government tell mans and ladies what do with life.

monkey wonder why politician have # 1 big mental illness obsess with sex and what mans and ladies do with parts what are private. monkey think maybe politician have sex problem. monkey wonder what politician do in private. like what do with private part. and where go on www dot internet. and what have in sock drawer.

goodbye today reader. monkey go now and read with Man charlie chan mystery book. when Man get done with chore.