outside house where live Man and Lady and monkey monkey see something what make monkey scratch head for show not understand. in grass lawn of Man there many many yellow flower. and little blue flower. and other plant what monkey not know. monkey ask Man why lawn of neighbor not have pretty flower and etc. Man say that because neighbor buy into stupid idea of perfect monoculture lawn what sold to mans and ladies by many industry. monkey ask what mean perfect monoculture lawn. Man say it mean just grass nothing else. monkey ask Man what wrong with just grass. Man say there 2 thing wrong. # 1 to get perfect grass = mans and ladies spray poison on lawn what not good for weed and bug and kill weed and bug. poison not good for earth too Man say. and bird and animal. etc. # 2 thing wrong = if mans and ladies not spend $$$ on make poison lawn then would have $$$ for more good thing like buy organic food and book and theater ticket and etc. monkey maybe agree with Man. monkey like pretty flower in lawn. and not poison bird what land on lawn and eat bug and worm.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader spray lawn with poison. maybe reader ask self why spray poison. lawn ok with flower. if all mans and ladies stop spray poison on lawn maybe world more clean and healthy. Man say that right monkey. when Man see lawn with pretty yellow flower what have name dandelion he say now theres some body who have thinking brain. monkey hear him say that.