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simple brain of monkey think all politician suck 100%. that because politician make career from politics for get money and serve self and serve rich master and powerful master. so politician = greedy fake.

monkey spend time and think and think about how make politician better. politician so far down moral ladder it hard for monkey see plan for make better. but monkey try. here idea. anyone who want be politician agree to idea what come next. first 2 idea monkey hear on bbc podcast and monkey think hey this good idea. other idea monkey make up.

  • politician have income go up or down so = $$$ 47000 what = little bit more than median income for house in # 1 exceptional teamusa america land of fee home of brave. that all $$$ politician get when sit in office. and after leave office for 5  year. this make politician see what life like for average man and lady.
  • all politician wear same uniform with badge what say public servant. uniform simple not fancy. maybe nice gray off rack suit for man or dress if politician = lady.
  • politician drive only car what made in team usa america and not cost $$$ more than what mans and ladies what have median income afford.
  • politician live in house like most citizen live in and not in big mansion. or compound.
  • politician get haircut in barber shop or beauty shop or maybe spouse give haircut.
  • when politician have end of term then face new vote from people before leave. if more than 1/2 people say politician do suck job then politician go in football stadium all full of citizen and get flog like in picture for all citizen see. and on televisionon. monkey think it good idea for make public flog of politician = superbowl half time show.

here monkey plan for what happen when politician do bad job. it good idea and make politician work 100 % hard for do good job for people.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have good idea like monkey for fix politician. maybe if you blog you share monkey idea.  or share on social network. monkey have many good idea more too.