today Man and monkey work together for make list of old book from when Man read when he little boy. Man like these book still and still read once in while when Man want go happy place.

  freddy goes camping. there 25 more book in freddy series by walter r brooks. all book about talking animal friend and adventure and keep going when thing get tough and be loyal to friend and etc. many good lesson in series for how grow up and act nice. Man read all 26. some time Man still read freddy book for cheer up and for fun. here article in news paper new york times what have little bit about freddy book. reader can buy freddy on amazon. freddy go camping = favorite freddy book of Man. monkey like freddy and the men from mars best.
  golden treasury of natural history by bertha morris parker help Man have interest in science and nature and dinosaur and animal and bird and space and fossil and insect and etc. there many many picture. if reader have open library account reader borrow book by go here. if want buy then here place find used copy. maybe find copy on ebay too.
  golden book of america = about history of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. when Man little he read book many time and now have interest in history. it have 216 page with info on explorer and native american and bicycle craze and stage coach and mountain mans and civil war and daniel boone and battle of iron clad ship and etc etc. there many copy on ebay.
  mike mulligan and his steam shovel = 100 % a + favorite of monkey. Man love old book mike mulligan and remember read many time when little and then 2 brother of Man read book many time and brother write in book with crayon too and book fall apart. so Man not have copy. reader can find new copy on amazon but there many old copy on ebay for reader. Man like old copy of book from library book sale and www internet etc. Man say old book have charm.
  the space ship under the apple tree = good story # 1 of series by man have name louis slobodkin. there 4 more book in series about boy who friend with alien what is 3 ft tall and wear green suit. boy and alien have adventure while try get alien back home. it better story than e t. book = hard for find and some time it cost many $ for buy but it good book and worth $. maybe find on ebay and amazon. maybe some place else like here. not cheap.
  the wonderful flight to the mushroom planet book from 1950s. Man remember day he find it in library when it new and then ride bike fast home and read in tree house. today can buy new copy but illustration 100 % better in old hard bound copy what can find used at ebay and abe. there 4 more book in series what have name stowaway to the mushroom planet and mr bass’s planetoid and a mystery for mr bass and time and mr bass. all good. monkey like first 2 book best.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope little list of old good book interesting for reader. maybe reader already read some of book on list. if reader know young man or young lady these good book for present. Man say 1 other time in future Man and monkey make more list of good old school book for young mans and ladies.