today monkey make commercial for dvd set for reader maybe go buy or check first on netflix etc. it better than watch televisionon what full of commercial crap and stoopididity. maybe reader go try 1 dvd from library before buy whole set for see if like show or movie. here some show monkey like watch.

sherlock holmes complete granada tv series what have actor have name jeremy brett. Man read sherlock holmes in book many time and see many movie with other actor and say jeremy brett = best sherlock on film. go here and see more jeremy brett info.

black adder remaster ultimate edition what star man have name rowan atkinson who also play mr bean. mr bean ok but not funny as black adder what is comedy with darkness. here bbc official place for black adder.

leave it to beaver complete series = monkey # 1 a + favorite televisionon show for send monkey to happy place when feel upset or not feel good. monkey wish could go live with wally and beaver and ward and june. here list of episode of beaver.  here some beaver fun clip and episode on www tvland place.

alfred hitchcock masterpiece collection what have 14 movie and include big favorite of Man = rear window. it not have north by northwest what also favorite of Man.

prime suspect complete collection = british not usa america show what have 9 story with helen mirren play detective in police drama story what is realistic not like full of commercial cop show. here more stuff about prime suspect show.

rocky and bullwinkle & friends complete collection  have 18 disc in whole set and many extra for big fun for mans and ladies who watch rocky many year ago and for mans and ladies like smart cartoon. here more info about rocky what is squirrel and bullwinkle what is moose.

looney toons golden collection 24 disc = yay big fun. monkey not like stupid ass cartoon on televisionon today what = 100 % boring and have potty mouth and dumb adult and etc stoopididity. you want watch old cartoon what just fun here bugs bunny and daffy duck and porky pig and elmer fudd and tweety bird and sylvester cat and beep beep road runner and yosemite  sam and etc etc.

twilight zone complete collection 28 disc have 156 episode and many extra of show from man have name rod serling. monkey favorite = terror at 20000 feet what have william shatner and its a good life and the howling man and to serve man. go here for see all twilight zone episode.

red green stuffed and mounted six pack monkey love red green. set have extra and even collectible coaster. maybe reader go here and find out more about red green.

goodbye today reader. reader not have to buy dvd set at amazon. can shop around. not have to buy dvd set at all. can just watch some episode from public library and free on www internet.