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monkey not write for while because Man get sick 100 %. first Man sneeze many time. then nose run. then Man cough and have dizzy feeling and have zero energy. then Man get stomach bug when still have cold and throw up bad until side and back hurt. Man go sit in chair in room with many book and cover self up with blanket and stay there for couple of day. Man eat dry toast and drink water. today Man feel better so say it ok for help monkey write little bit.

monkey have not much for write about. monkey watch politician on televisionon and see same old crap stuff. attack and vitriol and 1/2 truth and etc. monkey see republican robopath still have obsess with female body and sex and religion and how make mans and ladies behave 1 way. monkey think maybe republican have mental illness problem with sex obsession and religion.

gas price go up and up and up where monkey live. still monkey see many big car and truck go on road. even simple brain of monkey see big mess come with all prices like for milk and food and etc what go from warehouse to store by giant truck. maybe someday simple brain of human rethink oil addiction. Man soon go shop for prius and get rid of car what have now what is c r v.

Man and Lady and monkey not watch oscar on sunday because oscar show = 100 % boredom like golden globe and emmy and grammy and etc. Man say award show = self massage and it not pleasant for watch self massage. Man put oscar show on dvr machine thing so can later skip crap and watch only cirque du soleil perform. Man and Lady like cirque. monkey too like cirque. monkey like watch good movie too and watch many movie with Man and Lady. 1 hope monkey have = movie the artist win # 1 oscar. it favorite movie monkey see in long time. monkey not care if man actor george clooney win anything. monkey tired see man actor george clooney every where. ho hum.

goodbye today reader. Man get tired now and say enough for today monkey. monkey not want wear Man out so that it for today. maybe Man feel ok tomorrow and help monkey write more.