monkey get tired some time of write about news and serious thing what happen in world. that mean it time for maybe recipe or joke or etc. today monkey tell pirate joke. here joke.

there a man what go up to heaven and see st peter at pearly gate. st peter ask man if he ever do any thing what = great goodness.

man say well i can think of 1 thing. i meet gang of bad pirate who threaten nice young lady. i tell gang hey leave young lady alone but they not listen. so next i go up to most big mean nasty pirate and smack him on head and knock parrot off shoulder and rip out earring and throw it on ground. i tell pirate now leave nice lady alone or i give you more of same.

st peter very impressed and ask man when all this happen.

man say oh just a couple minute ago.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you like joke. you can tell joke ok and not need monkey permission. it public domain.