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monkey have spare time today for read little bit news with Man. here news item and little bit monkey comment.

1. whitney houston death = fortune for dolly parton when she get royalty for big song she write what have name i will always love you. whew say monkey. now monkey sleep at night and not worry that dolly parton poor. monkey see report what say 1 half billion children on earth planet have malnutrition. that big word what mean sick from not eat. this make monkey have great sadness. maybe monkey not sleep so good. especially when dog at westminster show eat better than hungry littles. maybe dolly parton and other rich mans and ladies help poor hungry littles. maybe fat mans and ladies who want lose weight change place for while with poor mans and ladies with no food.

2. model fall on runway at dennis basso fashion show. model fall in front of star jones and joan rivers and ivanka trump and susan lucci and etc. but yay model get up and still strut stuff ok. monkey happy model not get bad hurt. not like other ladies in world. today = v day and 1 billion women in world get beat and rape and sold. this make monkey have 100 % great sadness for women who not can sit by fashion runway and go ooh and aah when model show new clothes.

goodbye today reader. monkey think about rich and poor mans and ladies on earth planet today. and about people who not know how good they have life and still complain about life. then monkey take nap and go happy dream place. tomorrow monkey write happy comment. maybe joke. maybe recipe. etc. reader come back for see tomorrow.