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monkey read news paper with Man and watch televisionon and see big fat cat plutocrat rich mans and big union and big corporation and etc now give many dollar for support 1 robopath politician or 1 other robopath politician. monkey ask Man how much money he give for support. Man laugh and say there not 1 politician worth jack s*** so there not 1 what Man give any support. monkey ask what about go vote in month what have name november. Man have laugh what sound not funny and here what Man say.

Man say this # 1 time since Man first can vote many many year ago that Man think about not vote. Man say in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave money talk and principle walk. Man say rich plutocrat buy what left of democracy. Man say big special interest and big union buy what left of democracy too. democracy on sale in usa america.

monkey say but in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave it 100 % a + right and duty of citizen go vote. Man say it even more now obvious to even dumbest citizen that usa democracy just game what is stack by rich and powerful mans and ladies and group. Man say he not see usa he born in and wonder where it go.

goodbye today reader. monkey try help Man find usa america he born in today even when Man say it not missing it gone for good. monkey try find 100 % good reason for Man go vote. even if for robopath politician what smell least bad.