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monkey hear super bowl game on televisionon have more viewer than go church for say hello jesus on big church day like xmas and easter and etc. that not make big impress on monkey. monkey watch some super bowl and here what monkey see. 1 bunch rich mans what have name giant & big muscle bash hard into other bunch rich mans what have name patriot and throw and carry ball one place to another. back and forth go the ball. giant mans chase patriot mans and patriot mans chase giant mans. boom go big mans into one the other. then there many commercial and most commercial amuse monkey only 5 % d +. super bowl not have much interest for monkey. soon monkey say ho hum and turn off televisionon. simple brain of monkey think super bowl = big prolefeed bait for get many million viewer for watch commercial and later go buy consumer crap like beer what Man say taste like toilet tank water and car what really like every other car and crap food stuff like chip and soft drink for make usa america fat and etc. and monkey have disappoint that giant mans just same size as other regular mans.

then monkey curious and turn back on televisionon for watch 1 bit of half time show. it 100 % a + boring. it have lot of light and color and mans and ladies walk around and dance around and sing and wiggle and etc. it just big flashy loud stoopididity thing what hurt simple brain of monkey. monkey think celebrity madonna lady little bit old for jump around like young girl. monkey afraid maybe old celebrity madonna lady slip and fall and break bone or break maybe hip and go hospital and rehab. monkey wonder if celebrity madonna lady wear mom jeans.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have 100 % nice day. it cold here where monkey live but later monkey go with Man for walk in field for maybe see bird. Man look for bird what have name snow bunting.