yay it anniversary day of Man and Lady. today monkey ask Man and Lady how stay married many year and not go cuckoo or kill each the other or go split and live each in different place. monkey ask how Man and Lady have happiness still in marriage what old like 30 year. Man and Lady say they have some idea for monkey write in blog. here idea.

it help in marriage if both partner know big # 1 fact of marriage. marriage = hard work for keep from go down tube. it not all work. it fun too. some time. other time Man and Lady say it hard work. many marriage go down tube if 1 or the other or both partner not like work for keep marriage go along even when road = rocky.

it help long marriage happen if partner both ok with talk about thing what wrong or make bother. Lady say that mean communicate. here hint from monkey. good place for communicate = kitchen table.

it good for marriage health if partner like share idea and thought and what happen in a day or story or tell funny dream or etc.

it help in marriage if both the partner love each the other even when maybe not like the other too much for a while.

it help if both in marriage agree on $$$ thing. in marriage of Man and Lady both like live below means and save and have simple pleasure. and once a while pull out stop and have big fun splurge what can afford.

it help if both in marriage have good head on shoulder. that mean partner think careful with brain before open bazoo especially when not have agreement. that not always happen but it good when it happen.

it help if both in marriage have sense of humor and at least 1 can laugh at self. it better 100 %  if both can laugh at self.

it help if both in marriage know how fight fair when some thing come up and make bad feeling boil up. fight fair = not say horrible hateful untrue stuff and not throw stuff for hurt. throw stuff on floor = ok. make sure stuff throw on floor for show how angry = not valuable stuff. example not throw vase inherit from old auntie what signed on bottom from artist.

it help in marriage if partner share some interest but also have different interest too and not get velcro stuck together and get smother like under pillow.

here now last idea today. if there children in marriage it important that partner know their relationship = as important as parent thing stuff with kid. that make for basis of be good parent.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if you have marriage it = good marriage with happiness between both. if reader not have marriage monkey hope you happy too without have marriage.