yay today Lady have day what called birthday. many year ago Lady get born and come out from inside mama. all this week monkey have great excite for see present Lady get today. when Lady open present she get warm earmuff and nice card and book and lottery ticket what not win any $$$ and # 1 best present of little sock money for carry in purse or on choo choo or on jet airplane 737 or etc. monkey like little monkey what now new friend of monkey. here picture.

little new monkey friend here with monkey. little monkey not say many word. it just baby. later maybe little baby new monkey start talk. it not have personality yet. later when grow maybe it get personality.

monkey too give Lady nice present. it nice piece string for tie on earmuff to coat so not lose earmuff like other many earmuff what Lady lose. and glove too. here picture nice present monkey give.

here exceptional # 1 present monkey give Lady for birthday. Lady like pretty bow.

goodbye today reader. if reader have birthday today monkey say happy birthday reader and hope reader get nice present like what Lady get. tomorrow also # 1 big day for Man and Lady both. it day what have name happy anniversary. that mean 1 another year go by and still they married. tomorrow monkey show idea of Man and Lady what tell how stay married happy many year.