today monkey give review for movie what have name the artist. Man and Lady and monkey go see movie yesterday in big dark room. it surprise monkey that movie have few word but monkey and Man and Lady love movie. monkey like little dog in film what better actor than most big deal hollywood celebrity actor. monkey not big film critic person so not know how write more about great movie. instead monkey say go read review here. it say what monkey want to say but better. now monkey tell reader 10 thing what movie the artist not have what make it # 1 good movie. it not have

# 1. big loud soundtrack effect what hurt ear like if near when h bomb go off

# 2. stupid old tired hollywood formula plot like with idiot bonehead buddy or sexy vampire werewolf

# 3. big car chase and tire squeal and car go sideway and crash and make big fire explosion

# 4. many bullet what fly through air into peoples

# 5. bad language with many swears and even f word

# 6. big sexy scene with clothes off and tongue come out mouth in smash mouth kissy stuff

# 7. fart or burp or other body thing for cheap laugh

# 8. little precious overacting kid actor

# 9. scene where monster or evil man chase actor who go in car and close door and guess what. car not start.

# 10. bad man or monster what get killed not really dead and come back and try kill every body

goodbye today reader. you want see good movie that not have stupid cliche then you go see the artist. monkey give 100 % high approval rate. it good date movie too for man who want take lady to nice movie.