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monkey watch bbc comedy what come from netflix instead of watch mr president obama of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave give state of union address last night. Man not watch too. Lady too. here why.

# 1 all loud cheer and yell and clap and clap and clap and hoot and holler remind monkey of middle school pep rally.  more than 80 time big clap and cheer and stand up and sit down. monkey think congress mans and ladies should sit down shut up and listen like adult and not behave like littles at chuck e cheese birthday party.

# 2 monkey not like see poopy sour republican puss when mr president say something what programmed brain of republican robopath not like. pouty republican look like baby not grown up man or lady.

# 3 monkey not like have ear fill with babble and cliche. that go for mr president speech and republican attack after speech. that go for any time any politician open big bazoo.

# 4 monkey think democrat p0litician and republican politician both suck 100 % and not enjoy look and listen at either. when monkey see and hear politician monkey feel like need barf bag. and hot shower.

that why monkey watch father ted not state of union.

goodbye today reader. monkey busy today so write just short blog.