today monkey have commercial. Man buy bag for carry thing in every day. monkey make laugh at Man for have purse but Man say that not bother him 1 bit. here picture what Man buy. it have manly name what is maxpedition jumbo versipack.

this purse of Man what = maxpedition jumbo versipack what come in many color and style. you want read more go maxpedition web site place.

why Man want carry purse monkey ask. Man say it practical for have big and little pocket not in pants for stuff thing into like camera and binocular and water and phone and book and knife and notebook and pen and etc. it good for take on jet air plane but not with knife. it good for go in field for look for bird and good for wander around city and etc good. Man give jumbo versipack 2 thumb up and say if reader want 1 go amazon for good price.

goodbye today reader. monkey not need pocket for anything so not need buy manly monkey purse. if reader = man then this look like good bag what work for you. bag work for lady too maybe if have little baby for diaper bag and etc.