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monkey ask Man what real name is of newt . Man say it newton leroy gingrich. next monkey ask how newt win primary thing in great state south carolina of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. Man say question of monkey not have simple answer but here some idea how newt win.

# 1 simple brain of most voter every where in usa america already run program for buy 100 % crap product like junk food. politician = junk food of human species.  then # 1 exceptional usa america supreme court give faceless group and anonymous interest big power for pour many million dollar in politician back pocket for buy simple programmable brain of american public voter mans and ladies.

#2 in # 1 exceptional usa america it rule that money talk and principle walk. politician and rich backer make big noise and big fog on televisionon and www internet and robocall and junk mail and etc what try hide that all they about = power for boss mans and ladies around and grab money. but any one with working brain what bigger than pencil eraser see what really go on. too bad there not many working brain in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. instead there many ton of stoopididity inside skull of voter.

# 3 Man say america public voter mans and ladies vote for any body what have most best charm formula and what know how make lie and empty promise sound true to gullible audience. this true  too no matter what name of politician and party and what time in history or place in history.

monkey say thank you Man for help monkey understand how robopath lying politician get to office. Man say he help monkey just scratch surface today but that enough for today.

goodbye today reader. monkey agree with Man that monkey blog = 100 % enough today. if monkey ever make new world and universe there not be any toerag politician in it. Man tell monkey about word toerag. monkey think it perfect word for politician.