some one ask monkey why monkey never make religion comment. monkey have 3 good reason for not make religion comment. here 3 reason.

# 1 monkey have big fear super religion mans and ladies write hate mail and death threat if monkey make comment what they think = evil. monkey think it 100 % easy for offend super religion mans and ladies.

# 2 monkey have fear super religion mans and ladies what think monkey make evil blog find monkey and shoot monkey full of hole or burn monkey up in fire or tear monkey in many piece or stretch monkey on rack or attack monkey in mob and etc. monkey see picture of instrument of torture of inquisition and see what can happen to monkey. no thank you say monkey.

# 3 monkey think maybe it better for make comment what not put monkey and family and friend of monkey in big danger. there many other thing for monkey write about what not have big danger like religion.

that why monkey shut big bazoo and not make religion comment. monkey not want danger trouble.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you not wait for monkey make religion comment. because it 100 % not happen. Man say sorry monkey. blog about not make comment same as make comment.