monkey have wondering thought today about super 100 % white teeth what mans and ladies have.

Man say they have flourescent teeth monkey. monkey ask Man why mans and ladies want teeth what look like maybe glow in dark or what look like bone what bleach in sun in desert place and what not look like teeth in nature.

Man explain first there industry what create idea white teeth = super great sexy attractiveness. that idea create need for white teeth in brain of consumer what worry about attractiveness. industry just happen to have 100 % right product and treatment for sell in many ad on televisionon and newspaper and magazine and etc for 100 % super white teeth. then consumer brain what run attractive teeth program go shop and buy product and treatment. Man say it same story for all product mans and ladies not really need.

then monkey wonder if 100 % white teeth = idea of 100 % stoopididity. Man say looks like it to me. monkey think 100 % white teeth = 100 % scary too. monkey have bad dream of white fang come out of dark place under cellar step for tear monkey in many piece.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you not worry about have flourescent teeth. you not need flourescent teeth for look good to monkey.