today monkey say thank you to mans and ladies what follow monkey and get email from monkey when there new post. monkey appreciate support of follower. it nice for know some body read what monkey write.

today monkey have 2 more question. here 2 question.

#1 monkey never sleep. monkey think tree probably not sleep. why mans and ladies and many animal go sleepy bye and move around and make noise with eye closed at night. Man say he not know but it a good thing mans and ladies sleep because if not sleep than mans and ladies have more hour in day for get in trouble and make trouble. monkey say example please. Man say ok monkey. if mans and ladies not sleep then politician have more time for shoot off big bazoo and fill air with rubbish thought.

# 2 monkey ask Man if all truth relative and if truth for monkey different from truth for Man. Man say he always suspect some one who say truth is relative = some one who run out of good ammo in argument and need send up smoke screen for retreat. this not exactly answer monkey say but Man say it all the answer monkey get.

goodbye today reader. simple monkey brain have tiredness from think about question. monkey hope you have all answer to big question.