yesterday monkey tell reader monkey have here big surprise today on blog. yay monkey now have pirate costume for fun. Lady buy nice costume for monkey because Man have great cheapness but Man say it ok for Lady do nice thing for monkey. here picture for reader admire.

Lady buy pirate costume and sister of Lady make eye patch and hat for monkey. monkey think ladies have more niceness than mans. Man say monkey probably right.

it take long time for monkey get pirate costume. Man say there lesson for monkey learn. monkey tell Man lesson = if monkey pester enough then maybe monkey get what want. Man say no that not right and lesson = Lady is more soft touch than Man. monkey ask Man if that all lesson there is. Man say no monkey. another lesson = meaning of life found in small thing. monkey scratch head for show not understand but Man say just go enjoy pirate costume.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you like 100 % a + super fun pirate costume what monkey have now for wear and play. monkey hope you get pirate costume too. tomorrow maybe monkey make serious blog.