monkey think for list of thing should go away for ever in 2012 because they = boring or nasty or ugly or stupid or scary here list.

# 1 vampire and werewolf book and movie and televisionon etc. boring and stupid.

# 2 ad of robot machine politician. that mean all politician. boring and nasty and ugly and stupid.

# 3 celebrity news. boring and stupid.

# 4 all viral video what have cute kitty and cute baby and mans and ladies do stupid thing. boring. and stupid.

# 5 reality televisionon show. boring and stupid.

# 6 texting and driving. stupid and scary.

# 7 plutocrat ruling class of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free and home of brave. nasty and scary.

# 8 right wing conservative puppet robot brain politician. nasty and stupid and scary.

# 9 mans and ladies what believe word of right wing conservative puppet robot brain politician. stupid and scary.

# 10 snake and owl and hawk and alligator. spider too. nasty and scary.

goodbye today reader. there other thing what maybe go on list but monkey done for today. monkey hope you lose weight and exercise more and not watch vampireĀ  movie and throw all politician out of office and not text while drive and etc in great year 2012.