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monkey now home in great state where live. vacation done and now monkey start read news and watch news and etc.

monkey see what is result iowa caucus and who is republican winner. winner = mr willard mitt romney former governor great state massachusetts. willard = real # 1 name mr romney have.

monkey keep hear on news how this 1 politician have big $$$ and this other 1 politician have good organization and how this other 1 politician energize base and how this other 1 politican stand in poll and etc. but monkey not hear much about what thought in head of politician and how politician give real help to most citizen in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free and home of brave.

Man say there not much original thought in head any politican. Man say robot brain of politician = machine what run program what written by ideologue and plutocrat what really run country for own benefit.

monkey think maybe there 1  politician some where what have in brain good for all citizen not just rich ruler class. Man say dream on monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey go now for help unpack suitcase and do laundry and go shop for food and throw away junk mail and etc. today monkey take vacation from think about robot machine brain of politician.