here last post monkey make in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave great state florida. it time go home almost  in 1 day. then Man and Lady and monkey again go on jet airplane 737 and fly through air and not crash and land near place what is home.

monkey have good fun when travel. see new thing. do new thing. monkey like travel but like go home where monkey know where every thing is and what to do and when and where do it.  Man say that mean routine but that not bad. Man say just ask dorothy and toto.

on almost last day in great state here what monkey see. cottonmouth snake and rat snake and baby alligator. monkey happy to go home where no reptile what have big poison fang or what eat monkey. there no place like home.

here cottonmouth monkey see. monkey like frog and turtle but not snake what have poison.

goodbye today reader. monkey write again when home. monkey hope reader not step on cottonmouth today. it bad snake.