on day what come before day of new year Man and Lady and monkey go see manatee what also have name sea cow. many year ago sailor mans think manatee = pretty mermaid. monkey think sailor mans nut case. manatee a + cool but they not pretty. here picture manatee come up for suck air. it mammal not fish so need suck air.

here big manatee come up in water for get air.

then same place where see manatee monkey have great excitement and zero boredom. there little statue of manatee what have pirate costume. monkey ask please have picture with pirate manatee and Man take picture. here picture. monkey tell Man picture even better if monkey too have pirate costume. Man say well lets wait and see. monkey think maybe that mean never will monkey get costume but maybe Man change mind when see pirate manatee.

here pirate manatee and monkey. now reader see why monkey want spiffy pirate costume.

then Man and Lady take monkey place where many nature thing. it have name 6 mile cypress. Man and Lady walk around 1 hour and 1 half hour and see many bird and 4 alligator and turtle and etc. monkey like cypress place. it like jungle and smell good and cool from hot sun. you go florida ever then you go and see there many thing. here nice bird picture.

here feed in water bird what have name wood stork and roseate spoonbill.

after walk Man and Lady go eat subway tuna sandwich and go home and read and sit around quiet and get ready go out eat in place what have name bistro 41. monkey not go. it not place for monkey just mans and ladies. so monkey stay home and wait and hope no lame movie tonight.

when Man and Lady and sister of Lady and husband man of sister come home after eat pot roast and drink cabernet wine and eat cake they get in pajamas and watch movie what have name muppet xmas and then yawn ho hum and go bed. no body get hurt today and have accident.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope pirate costume in future of monkey soon in new year. monkey hope reader have nice pirate costume.