this now post 3 about Man and Lady and monkey in exceptional usa america land of free home of brave great state florida in year of 2011. today there big dinner with friend come over from island what have name sanibel. there beef stroganoff and many glass wine. there many joke and laugh and every body talk and talk. monkey have picture with little dog what come to dinner. dog not eat stroganoff just sit by table and wait. but no body give dog food. monkey feel sorry for little dog what is wiener dog. here picture of 2 friend what are little dog and monkey. dog have 12 year so it older than monkey.

here monkey with new wienerdog friend. monkey want play cowboy with wienerdog and ride on back but Man say maybe little dog get hurt so no ride. monkey have great disappointment but not want hurt wienerdog.

then friend from island go home and it get quiet and monkey think now xmas really over.

after clean up of mess from time of eating every body play game what have name scrabble and monkey watch for learn new word for vocabulary. in game husband of sister = big # 1 winner. and Lady = # 2 winner. monkey say yay for winner. game over soon after Man spill little glass vodka what have name luksusowa and black pepper and sister of Lady hurt finger when try take off shoe and finger look black and blue. then they have dinner of roll and cheese and no more wine and vodka. Man have enough vodka and have instead ginger ale what is drink with fizz.

when night come all watch movie what have name it happen on 5 th avenue. monkey think it 100 % lame movie. Man and Lady and sister and husband think too it lame. but every body watch dvd movie until it end and then go sleepy bye. monkey think maybe ask Man why watch bad movie until end but monkey know Man just say be quiet now monkey or will explain later. that mean never.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have nice day after xmas and not spill vodka and hurt finger and watch lame dvd movie. monkey hope you have nice wienerdog friend.