this post # 2 of  trip = day of xmas 12 25. it again hot with wetness humidity. every body go for walk for watch duck and other bird what go in water. they eat for xmas dinner big taco feast and then go play game in night what have name miniature golf.  monkey ask Man why play golf when Man think golf 100 % stupid game. Man say this miniature game different. it for just have fun not walk around chase little ball with stick for make big $ or for impress other country club doofus. monkey ask Man please explain but Man say be quiet monkey.

next day 12 26 they go visit old lady who more than 80 year old and what have name of man. monkey scratch head for show not understand why old lady have name of man. explain please monkey say to Man. Man say it long story so maybe later. maybe later mean Man never explain. old lady live in nursing home rehab place while get better from little attack of heart. they take old lady out for have lunch but monkey go too and have nice picture with old lady. and Lady and sister by tree. but Man say no picture here on blog for keep privacy. monkey say but monkey just like all sock monkey and not need privacy. Man say privacy of ladies not monkey.

then old lady say need go shop kohls for buy sexy under pants for boy friend. monkey ask Man how old is boy friend. Man say 94 year old. monkey scratch head for show not understand why so old man need sexy under pants. Man explain and say it some kind strange joke. before when old lady ask boy friend what he want for xmas he say any thing but no under pants and socks. so old lady think it funny for go buy under pants. monkey think this not good idea. monkey think old lady make secret annoyance for old man. that not nice. it not funny too. old boy friend say no under pants and he mean 0 under pants. on package of under pants what old lady buy it show picture of young man with 6 pack abs. that who sexy under pants for not 94 year man who old and have many wrinkle and hard time walk. Man say dont try understand monkey. just go with flow. monkey go with flow ok but think old lady have maybe loose screw.

so old lady etc go kohls and walk slow and shop for more than 1 hour. Man say if ever there occasion for say this is just like death this is it now. finally old lady done shop and it time for go house where she live before little attack of heart and open present.

monkey watch people give present. here what old lady give Lady. 1 old salt shaker and purse what look like come from yard sale of girl what go cowboy bar for fun. it have fur and star on it.  old lady buy for Lady little towel at kohls too. here what old lady give Man. $ 25 gift for store what have name barnes and noble. Man like this present. old lady give present for sister and husband too.

next it time for old lady go bye bye back to rehab building and Man and Lady and sister and husband go drive back 2 and 1 half hour home. it nice drive. monkey enjoy see many black vulture make circle up in air. monkey enjoy see truck with many orange fruit. when sun set Man say it prettiest conjunction of little sliver moon and planet he ever see. big word conjunction mean near close in sky together.

when get home every body eat and make key lime pie and take garbage to dumpster place and watch on televisionon dvd machine movie what have name the shop around the corner.  it not have many laugh but it nice old b & w movie with actor what have name jimmy stewart. then beddy bye again.

goodbye today reader. monkey and every body have great tiredness from 5 hour on road and haul old lady around. Man and Lady make frown on monkey and say it charitable thing for do for lonesome old lady and say go sleep now monkey.