hello today reader. monkey write blog in great state florida and publish when get chance.

here part 1 post. today it hot here. there wetness in air what Man say have name humidity. monkey not like humidity. it make Man sweat and not smell nice like when come first from shower. Lady smell better than Man even when sweat.

many day ago on date what have # 12/24 Man and Lady fly through air in jet airplane # 737 and not crash and land in city what have name tampa and rent car have name mazda and drive to condo house what belong sister of Lady and husband of sister. it same house monkey visit last year in month # 12 and this year there still little lizard what walk on window and palm tree and sharp grass etc.

here what happen part 1 with Man and Lady and sister and husband.

they give present each other. Man get book what have many pretty bird picture. Lady get sweater thing with t shirt. monkey not get pirate costume. Man say this give monkey chance for practice virtue what have name patience. monkey think this = crap. monkey think just Man = cheap.

after eat tuna salad they go watch on televisionon dvd machine show what = its a wonderful red green christmas. it make many joke and they laugh and laugh until all stomach hurt. Man big fan of red green and harold and hap and bill and edgar and etc. Man say reader go check out red green for big fun laugh hard.

then all go beddy bye.

good bye today reader. monkey write more later for report more florida adventure.