Man say to monkey first greet reader with nice holiday wish monkey. so here card for reader.

Man say tis season for get more fat from eat too much. tis season for get depress from too big holiday expectation. tis season for spend too much money on crap. monkey scratch head for show not understand. monkey know how reader have more happy xmas holiday time. here tip from monkey. reader look at tip and have 100 % a + super happy holiday.

# 1 reader not eat and drink like pig. when plate full cookie come around say this. no thank you i not want get fat like you. no more person come with plate cookie for you. when go to office party and booze come around say this. no thank you. i not want be lush like you. no more booze.

# 2 reader not have big holiday expectation. holiday have great depress for mans and ladies what have expectation. monkey say reader think of december 25 and january 1 like june 12 and august 22. mans and ladies not fall in trap of its the most wonderful time of the year what hear on televisionon many time october to january. it not most wonderful time of year.

# 3 reader not spend money on present. here 1 cheap gift idea from monkey. clip nice coupon from paper and give for present.

later maybe monkey give more cheap gift idea for reader. goodbye today reader. monkey hope best time of year consumer holiday not make you fat and depress and poor.