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steam come out 2 ear of Man when he read some thing about teacher and teaching and test score. Man = teacher once on a time but he not teacher now. monkey ask Man why steam come out. Man say there many mans and ladies what blame teacher for littles not get good test score. Man say bad test score have many cause. yes there some bad teacher. but other thing too make bad test score. monkey scratch head for show not understand and say explain please. Man say ok. here 5 other thing for starter. monkey not use exact word Man use but try give idea.

# 1. silly dumb culture fill brain of littles with crappy stoopididity junk. addiction to many gadget and televisionon and etc scramble brain of littles and make distraction from school.

# 2. in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave there big anti intellectualism say Man. that mean peoples not like brainy mans and ladies and make fun of brain work and smart littles. that not help.

# 3. Man say clueless parent what have no idea what are good study habit and good work habit not teach littles to study and work hard. then blame teacher for crappy report card.

# 4. board of education and administrator all over try find 100 % super duper business model for help littles get nice test score so school look good in newspaper and no little left behind. try any new research and strategy and tactic what promise big a + success and good school report card. Man say look at result of all super duper reform. education still tanking.

# 5. Man say teacher college not help. example. some one = math teacher without = math major. math teacher take some math class but also many useless class for how teach and theory of teach. Man say math teacher get math degree first then add maybe practical course in how best teach.

Man say that enough today. there many other etc thing what make bad test score. but Man say more important than test score is what student boy and student girl really know and really can do in real world and that hard to test with paper and pen.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have good test score.