monkey hear 2 ladies talk about littles in coffee place line. 1 lady say oh my kid is such picky eater. other lady say same thing. monkey scratch head for show not understand. later monkey ask Man what is picky eater. Man say picky eater some one who not know how good he have it. monkey say explain please.

Man say it time go back in time machine to when Man = little boy. that a long time ago in time of 1950s. Man say dad work hard in factory for put food on table  and etc. when dinner time come family sit down by table and food come from kitchen like magic and appear in front of Man and 2 brother. there no whine. there no argue. there no brother say i dont like this and not going to eat this. only choice 3 brother have = eat what on plate or go bed with hunger and try again next day. but still have to wash and dry and put dish away eat or not eat. Man and 2 brother learn early not be picky eater. so not go bed with hunger. and not hear story of children starve in far away country what have name china and india.

Man say today there too much democracy crap in family and clueless parent raise spoiled littles what grow up and be idiot adult.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if you have littles you not raise idiot and raise instead human being what appreciate what have.