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monkey notice sports big part news on televisionon & in newspaper what have whole section for sports. monkey ask Man what so interesting about sports. Man say not much as far as he have concern. monkey have more other sport question. Man say fire away.

# 1. monkey ask if sports build character. Man say go ask penn state. go watch stupid parent and coach scream at little league sport event.

# 2. monkey ask if sports good for health. Man say go ask football mans and hockey mans what have brain lesion from many hit. boxer too. etc.

# 3. monkey ask why pro sports mans make ton of $. Man say it part of prolefeed entertainment industry what pay big buck for star what attract audience for watch many commercial. Man say in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave sports part of consumer cult.

# 4. monkey ask Man if Man like any sport. Man say when little he  like baseball a little. but when grow up Man lose interest in watch mans hit little ball and throw little ball. monkey know Man like strange sport have name curling. Man say it like play marbles on ice.

monkey have more sports question but Man have job go mulch leaves into lawn for help feed lawn nitrogen so no more question today. goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have nice day.