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monkey hear rich celebrity girl kim kardashian now not have marriage. that too bad monkey think. Man and Lady have marriage for many year and monkey ask Man and Lady why still have marriage so monkey can tell kim kardashian on blog how next marriage = success. Man say that wrong question. better question is what man and lady do for marriage last many many year. ok say monkey and ask Man what can mans and ladies do for have marriage last. Man say it not simple answer but off top of head here some idea.

first Man and Lady marry because fall in love. then honeymoon over pretty quick and life = no fairytale. Man and Lady next then get busy with hard job make real marriage life work ok.

Man and Lady say it not easy job. some time have up and some time have down. but always love each the other and stick together and try see good in each the other even when it hard.

when have fight over some thing Man and Lady keep in head idea even when yell at each other that fight not last for ever and some day can look back on fight and say look how we work through fight and come out better. Man say fight = way for marriage evolve. Lady say that right too but not good for fight always and get stuck in angry mess. Lady say when calm down mans and ladies need for talk truth and process. Man and Lady say both that it get more easy for have good fight when have practice over many year and number of fight go down too and not throw thing around any more.

when too little money make problem for Man and Lady then it time for not fight and it time make do with what have and not worry about what not have. some time that mean nice go for walk = entertainment. some time that mean buy turkey and make last all week with many recipe for left over. some time that mean not have best thing and settle for good enough thing. Man say it good idea for keep in head idea that outward simple inward rich life = good life. Lady say that true but if can afford it it good for sometime pull out stop and spend money for some thing not 100 % necessary. Man and Lady say both that someone have richness if have enough and little bit more and it great stoopididity for mans and ladies compare self with people what have more and better for compare self with people what have less which = most mans and ladies on earth planet.

then when thing go good and Man and Lady not have for while any worry or problem then Man and Lady say it important for enjoy every minute of not have problem and worry. and not worry about problem in future what may never come. Man say there old quote for help. here quote. worry is interest paid in advance on a debt you may not owe. monkey scratch head for show  not understand quote but Man say put it in blog any way and reader will understand.

that what Man and Lady say = some thing for keep marriage ok and there lot more. maybe monkey get Man and Lady explain more and then write in blog. maybe not.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope rich celebrity girl kim kardashian read blog and it help with next marriage.