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monkey hear on televisionon news there 7 billion mans and ladies and littles on earth planet and ask Man if that a lot. Man say that more than enough. monkey ask Man question about big number mans and ladies.

what all 7 billion human being people do for spend time on planet

why mans and ladies make big number baby when not enough food for all human being on planet and many baby hungry

what happen when stuff like good water for drink and oil for put in car and fish in sea for eat run out

when climate change and thing get more hot or more cold what man and ladies do for keep cool and warm and grow food


Man say whoa there monkey that enough question. question monkey ask 100 % hard for answer. Man say mans and ladies all over planet earth not think much about answer question like monkey ask. monkey ask why not. Man say it because that the way almost 100 % human being go through life. not ask question. not think. then wonder why thing tank for them. then Man say that why picture here of earth planet remind him of moldy orange.

monkey have fear of live on moldy planet what have too many people. Man say you aint see nothing yet monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you think and ask question about what go on in world what you live in. monkey go now to happy place for little time and maybe think later.