monkey have bad dream last night there no more # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. there instead new country what have name # 1 exceptional uc america. uc mean united corporation. in monkey dream there no more 50 state. top 50 corporation run 1 big state. there no more elected congress. corporation choose own congress and not have expense of buy and own politican any more. example. there senator from exxon mobil and representative from wal-mart etc. president no more elected. corporatation congress appoint president for make state of union speech for tell uc citizen yay what nice thing corporation do for america.  there special police for round up lazy consumer not buy enough and poor consumer not afford buy stuff. all school close and corporation have own teacher and school for train worker and consumer for make uc america # 1 strong and healthy. etc. monkey get big scare in dream and wake up and say whew it just bad dream.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have nice dream not dream where exxon mobil send police for kill you when you not drive car enough. or wal mart police come give you electric shock for not buy fair share of makeup and spaghetti.