like democrat and republican politician monkey too pull out from rear end new tax plan for fix economy for # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. it simple because plan come from simple monkey brain after monkey have good night sleep. here plan.

no more income tax. mans and ladies pay only sales tax to nation usa when buy something. rich mans and ladies what buy big yacht and many property and house and rolex watch pay same rate as mans and ladies what can afford buy only rowboat and 1 house and timex watch. this way rich mans and ladies pay fair share and  mans and ladies what not rich too pay fair share. fair share mean what can afford and still have $ for food and place stay and health. monkey know simple plan here just idea and not have detail but monkey think it good place for start.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope idiot politician listen to simple monkey plan and get serious for fix # 1 exceptional usa america economy.