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there many news about occupy wall street on televisionon and in paper etc. monkey want go play with mans and ladies what protest in city near where live Man and Lady. Man say no monkey. Man and Lady maybe go but not monkey. monkey scratch head for show not understand why not monkey go play. Man explain occupy wall street serious and not for go play and if monkey there and news man or news lady take picture monkey and put on televisionon or in paper or in viral video youtube then protest not look serious. monkey then understand.

monkey agree with mans and ladies what protest greedy pig rich elite what sit on money and run country by use  puppet republican and democrat robopath politician. Man say monkey you sound like old school lefty. monkey not understand 100 % but if Man mean monkey want all mans and ladies have health and house and not life full of fear of poorness then monkey = old school lefty 100 %.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you nice man or nice lady what care about how life go for human people all over planet.