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# 1. sometime monkey like enter contest for win $. like scratch off lottery. then maybe Man buy monkey pirate costume. sometime monkey like enter contest for fun and not win money. here contest monkey enter already for fun. reader not bother enter because monkey idea 100 % best already. here monkey idea. new name for very large array = big giant super # 1 exceptional a + telescope.

# 2. now here joke today what monkey hear from sister of Lady. it good monkey joke.

man drive in hurry 2 chimpanzee to new home in tampa zoo. of a sudden truck of man break down. lady in car drive by and stop for help man and say oh what cute little chimp. man say please take 2 chimp to zoo. here i give you $ 100. lady say ok and go drive with chimp. man then wait for 1 hour for get fix for truck. later man drive to tampa and have great surprise. there on street man see same lady hold hand and walk with 2 chimp. man pull over and ask lady why she not take chimp to zoo. lady say i already take chimp to zoo. we have so much fun we go now seaworld.

# 3. here last thing today. it a+ example stoopididity. lady have baby in art gallery. lady say she have baby in gallery because I want to show people that, as in my previous performances, real life is the best performance art. Man say maybe lady think this way become celebrity for do what billion and billion other lady do already without make spectacle of self. Man think this prolefeed. not art. maybe next thing lady artist do is go make baby in gallery and say that real life performance art.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you not go and make baby art in public place for mans and ladies see.