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monkey hear on televisionon some religion man say mr politician mitt romney belong mormon cult. Man explain that mean mr politician mitt romney = heretic and not 100 % a+ true christian man. monkey ask Man what happen when man = heretic. Man say well monkey many year ago that mean it ok for go ahead torture and burn mans and ladies at stake. monkey ask who do bad thing like burn mans and ladies at stake and torture. Man say good true christian do that. Man say today it not ok for torture and burn man at stake in #1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. instead enemy of mr mitt romney just open mouth and vomit poison word on mr mitt romney for make stink so no one will like. monkey scratch head for show not understand. Man say watch out monkey. more vomit on the way.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope true religion man and lady not vomit poison word on you.