here 1 thing monkey not understand. it parent what say good job good job good job when job not good. here example what monkey see little time ago when go for walk by base ball field with Man. little boy hit ball and it go little way on ground. boy run and get close to first base and not trip on shoelace. other little boy find ball and throw to other little boy who guard first base wh0 drop ball and little boy who hit ball go on first base. all parent in stand yell good job good job. monkey think it not good job. little boy # 1 hit ball by accident almost. little boy # 2 stumble around look for ball. little boy # 3 on first base drop ball and let little boy # 1 go on base.

monkey think whole thing funny but not good job. monkey think stupid parent give littles idea that any thing they do is good job. maybe if they stand on base ball field and scratch fanny that good job. maybe they fall down and get up and that good job. maybe they get hit in eye with ball and that good job. stupid parent put stupid idea of everything good job in head of littles. what happen when littles meet some one who say truth bad job. that good question.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you do good job today what ever you do.