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Man tell monkey a thing what make monkey scratch head for show not understand. Man say usa televisionon network fox big show simpsons not go on unless voice actor take 45 % pay cut. monkey ask Man how much money voice actor get for pay. Man say voice actor get $ 8 million dollar for season. monkey wonder if that lot of money and Man say that indecent amount of money for someone not do much more than move mouth for make cartoon. and it not even clever smart cartoon any more.

monkey not good with math and ask Man who good with math for tell how much actor make if get cut 45 %. Man say that easy monkey. it $ 4 million 400 thousand dollar. monkey ask why that not enough for actor. Man say it way more than enough for any man and lady. it just example of what society value and it offensive when many mans and ladies struggle for find job for put food on table and pay doctor bill. Man say voice actor for simpson have pig greed and should have big shame. but wont.

monkey say goodbye reader. maybe tomorrow monkey give joke. Man say monkey give already joke today. but it not funny.