monkey ask Man if Man want new iphone from company have name of fruit apple. Man laugh and say it last thing he need and nothing he want.

then next monkey ask why not Man want use smart phone for connect with big network of connection what connect all part planet earth. Man say he already connect too much with little dumb phone what just make call and not have app and no surf . Man say he miss series 500 bell telephone and find for monkey nice picture for share with reader of series 500 bell. here picture.

here phone Man like. it make phone call and that all. Man say that all he need. monkey think it too big for pocket and mans and ladies cant watch movie and surf on bell 500. but it better than little iphone for hit robber of house on head and knock out robber and then call police with phone. it look nice too.

that all for today reader. monkey say have happy day when connect with all mans and ladies everywhere on smart phone. and text. and surf. and order more gadget for gadget addiction. and etc. monkey think maybe Man lose touch with modern world of today. Man say he hope so.