monkey think more about bucket list of thing for do before Man and Lady die and monkey go out in trash to curb where big truck come and crush monkey with crap from when relative come and clean out house where Man and Lady live. here more thing for monkey bucket list.

go to televisionon show what give many present when mans and ladies come on down. monkey have great excitement for win brand new car and brand new truck and trip to aruba and art supply and george foreman grill and etc. monkey have great excitement for play plinko and  spin wheel and land on $ 1 and meet master of ceremony mr drew carey who give many present to contestant and beautiful model ladies with big fanny and pretty face and monkey promise 100 % not harass model and make model mad.

join cirque du soleil  for have act in show where monkey climb up rope and hold on rope with feet and juggle many ball with hand while swing high from floor. and meet many artist and music people from many country of planet earth. and not fall  from rope and have brain concussion and forget many thing and have hard time walk.

find 100 % most big dinosaur. monkey like big dinosaur what eat plant not what eat meat. eat plant dinosaur very big but not scare monkey. eat meat dinosaur  not so big but make monkey not sleep like when monkey think about dr hannibal lecter who eat mans with fava bean and chianti.  monkey want go argentina what country in other america down there and china what country other side ocean where mans and ladies find big dinosaur. then yay monkey = # 1 famous dinosaur hunter.

goodbye today reader. more bucket list item come later. monkey hope you have nice bucket list for do before die and go away from planet earth forever.