monkey ask Man if some day Man die. and Lady die too. Man say yes monkey. so today monkey start think about bucket list. bucket list = thing monkey want do before get throw out in garbage when Man and Lady die. it hard for think of great thing for do before monkey = rubbish. monkey have simple brain and easy satisfaction so it not important for do 100 % # 1 a + big deal thing like climb big mountain and jump out airplane and wear pirate costume for visit pope in italy city rome and etc. here some little thing so far monkey think want do.

go city sioux falls in great state south dakota in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave for meet restasis dr alison tendler md and go eat lunch and have drink. this big thrill for bucket list. monkey still have like for dr alison tendler who use restasis on own eye.

have fight with hawk or eagle or owl. big bird swoop and catch little animal and fly away to place where kill and eat little animal. monkey like go in place where are bird predator and walk around for tempt bird come down and try grab monkey. only monkey have can mace spray and shoot bird in eye with mace and then kick ass of bird and teach bird big lesson for not pick on little animal.

eat fry cricket or grasshopper. monkey in wild place eat bug like termite and ant. sock monkey hear fry cricket and grasshopper taste good so want find out. ask Man if ok. Man say sure it ok. Man say he fry grasshopper until they nice and crispy and salt crispy grasshopper and eat for snack. have also cold beer with fry grasshopper.

that all today reader. later maybe tomorrow monkey make more item for bucket list and share nice with reader.